About The Breed


About The Scottish Fold Kitten
Scottish Fold cats originated in Scotland in the mid 20th century, and their very distinctive ears (which ‘fold’ forwards over their heads and give the breed their name) seem to have developed spontaneously as a result of a specific genetic trait.
Although it is a dominant gene, not all kittens are born with folded ears (Fd), and straight ears (fd) are just as common (and acceptable).
When the breed was in the early stages, cats were bred for the folded ear set and many times two cats with this type of ear would be mated.
However, the same gene that produces these adorable ears, also seems to be responsible for a bone abnormality called ‘congenital osteodystrophy’, which mainly afflicts Scottish Fold kittens that are the result of mating two cats both of whom have the ‘folded’ ear set.

A kitten born from this type of breeding has about a 30% chance of developing bone/joint issues.
This condition causes bone lesions and the stiffening or thickening of bones and joints, especially those in the tail, paws and leg joints. It is a treatable affliction but obviously much better avoided if possible.

Breeding a Fd cat (folded ears) with an fd cat (straight ears) seems to significantly reduce the chances of the kittens having congenital osteodystrophy. Responsible breeders do this as a matter of course, and ‘outcrossing’ with either the British or American shorthair breeds is also encouraged.
By following these protocols, breeders of Scottish Fold cats have managed to help the breed return to it’s original robust health.So feel safe and happy to adopt a scottish fold kitten/cat online.